Core Campaigns

For national clients who need to acquire a minimum of 1000 new customers per week to compete in their industry, Franklin Endeavors is the most cost-effective and professional vehicle to create a handshake relationship with potential customers on a local level.

We specialize in direct marketing and customer acquisitions for the most respected companies in the cable & satellite, retail, and telecommunications industries and offer our clients 100% return on their marketing dollar. By focusing our efforts on a face to face, relationship-based marketing approach, we are able to bring our clients life-long customers with increased name-brand recognition and high levels of customer loyalty.

Our personal approach has proved so successful that many of our clients have abandoned or reduced the more traditional customer acquisition channels of telemarketing cold calls, direct mail, outside B2B or D2D sales or costly television ads. Our relationships with large retailers allow our team the opportunity to connect personally in a comfortable environment the customer prefers.

While the common need for all our clients is to drive sales and increase market share, Franklin Endeavors can be versatile to meet specific client needs. Although Franklin Endeavors won’t abandon our core method of representing clients with in-person communication, we can adjust our campaign to deliver specific results unique to each client’s needs.