At Franklin Endeavors, we know our success is built on outperforming our clients’ expectations. But high standards of performance aren’t just a company line. It’s a strategy embedded in our company culture. Regardless of their current role, everyone on our team started in sales. Everyone is mentored by more experienced business leaders. Even if the experience is brief, no partner can get promoted without being trained in all areas of the company, from HR to managing teams to handling client reporting.

All of our team members receive training in the following areas of business:


Franklin Endeavors knows that clients may love our team but nothing matters more than the bottom line. That means sales and new customers. So even though most of our managers and partners had a sales career for less than a year before moving up, they all started in sales and all demonstrated great communication skills.

Our team is trained extensively and provided great examples and lots of opportunity for feedback. Franklin Endeavors has found that recruiting outgoing, competitive and team-oriented people who have an appetite to learn, a world-class work ethic and a solution-minded attitude is a perfect recipe for success.

Franklin Endeavors also develops our team in other areas of communication:

- Public speaking
- Small group meetings
- Nonverbal communication
- Professionalism


Franklin Endeavors trusts our team. We know that our future growth will be led by team members we haven’t even met yet. Therefore, we begin developing our future leaders early, long before the weight of a large team and national campaign. This reduces pressure and allows our team to grow at their own pace.

Franklin Endeavors has a simple, three-step process to developing our team into great coaches:

First, we show the right example. All of our partners and managers are held to higher standards than anyone else in the company. They know they are on stage at all times and respect their responsibility.

Second, we teach the right example. At Franklin Endeavors, we are constantly taking new classes and reading new books to make sure our leadership is as effective as possible.

Finally, we empower our team to show and teach the right example to someone else. We set 1-on-1 meetings for proactive planning and reactive analysis. This ensures everyone on our team feels supported while being pushed to improve and grow.


At Franklin Endeavors, we feel like a powerful storm is created when personal growth and company growth are aligned. Our best people are deathly afraid of doing the same thing over and over, day after day. They crave challenge and this gives Franklin Endeavors a competitive edge to deliver for our clients.

Here are a few of the areas where development of our team occurs:

- We push our team to lead meetings
- We push our team to be active in our charity work
- We push our team to understand budgeting & basic finance
- We push our team to be great w/ priority management skills
- We push our team to learn team-building
- We push our team to become great evaluators of talent

Above all the skills that are developed, we feel that to really develop as a leader, someone has to build confidence and learn how to live outside their comfort zone. To develop in those areas, we employ a praise-oriented coaching style and encourage our team to make good mistakes be comfortable not being perfect.


At Franklin Endeavors, our niche is our opportunity. Every day, we prove to our clients that when it comes to volume, professionalism and cost-effectiveness, no other outlets can compete with us. This has created demand for our services for us to add many new locations and promote many new managers and partners. Because we only promote from within, we start teaching an expansion-oriented mindset early to our team.

When someone at Franklin Endeavors is competent with communication, coaching others and is developing into a strong leader, they are included in weekly strategic planning. This covers a variety of areas, including campaign coordination, personnel development and office event planning. We also strategize with up-and-coming managers and partners on new market locations, campaign training and expansion efforts. At Franklin Endeavors, we always want our team trained for where they’re going, keeping us ahead of our expansion targets.

The Franklin Endeavors team has resumed operations and returned to the office in waves to ensure the health of our team members and customers. Multiple safety measures have been put into place and all recruiting/hiring continues to be done virtually or in a 1:1 setting. Please contact us with any questions.