Our Team

Clients always use the same words when they meet the Franklin Endeavors team: “charismatic,” “professional,” “solution-oriented,” “driven,” “impressive”.

When you’re a company paid to represent major companies, we understand we have to WOW our clients and deliver every time. We also understand the best way to exceed client demand is to hire great people and make them our company’s top priority. We appreciate that our clients always notice that we’ve assembled a winning blend of diverse backgrounds and a common mindset of professionalism and goal execution.

At Franklin Endeavors, we’ve provided stability, support, and a team-focused environment for our staff. We hire ambitious, career-minded professionals with untapped potential and develop them personally and professionally through our company mentorship program. When the team is learning, growing and has advancement opportunities, the client benefits with amazing representation to their customers.

When a company outsources their brand to a 3rd party, a top question is will the Franklin Endeavors team care as much about our company and our goals as their own. To do business with 512, it has to be a win for the client, a win for the customer and a win for our us. At the core of our culture is a commitment to deliver exactly what the client needs from us every time. So with our own team, we prioritize performance and character over seniority. We want the best people advancing as quickly as possible in our company so we can take on a larger share of our client demand.

Furthermore, Franklin Endeavors promotes strictly from within to ensure competent and understanding leadership. A side benefit is a tight-knit team culture. This means that every time a client is working with a partner or manager at Franklin Endeavors, they are talking to someone who has worked in every aspect of the company. This means they understand the sales role, human resources, quality control, client reporting needs … And every time a customer or client is talking to a Franklin Endeavors team member, they’re talking to a future manager or partner.

The Franklin Endeavors team has resumed operations and returned to the office in waves to ensure the health of our team members and customers. Multiple safety measures have been put into place and all recruiting/hiring continues to be done virtually or in a 1:1 setting. Please contact us with any questions.